Major Projects Workflow

You will decide on your own workflow for the projects in this course. You already know from the Planning page that you have to create five major projects. How and when you create the projects is up to you. I will provide opportunities for you to plan and work on your projects throughout the rest of the term. You can decide to work ahead or go back at any point, as long as you are making progress.

We will have two different kinds of activities from this point on. First you will have a series of Deliverables (listed below) that you will turn in to document your progress.


All of these deliverables except the final submisssion are planning documents and working versions of your projects. As long as you turn the deliverables in near the suggested dates, showing an understanding of the task and strong effort, you will receive passing grades on the work.

These deliverables (except the final submission) count in the participation portion of your grade. Your final submission counts in the major projects portion of your grade.

Suggested Date Deliverable Instructions/Resources
9/14 Informal Pitch (to your group) pp. 54–56 of Writer/Designer
9/21 Formal Pitch and Proposal (to Traci) pp. 54–56 of Writer/Designer plus pp. 90–92 of Writer/Designer
9/28 Sources & Assets Plan Exercises on pp. 62–63, p. 69, and p. 76 of Writer/Designer
10/5 Style Guide pp. 89 of Writer/Designer
10/12 Progress Report Details will be online
11/2 Mock-ups, Scripts, and Storyboards Chapter 6 of Writer/Designer
11/16 Rough Cut and/or Rough Draft* pp. 106–116 of Writer/Designer
11/18 Revision Plan pp. 116–118 of Writer/Designer

Final Submission


You have complete ownership of your project. When you create your Formal Pitch and Proposal, you may set your own deadlines. The suggested dates above are when I believe you should aim to have the work done to stay on track during the course.

*One date cannot change. Your Rough Cut and/or Rough Draft is due in class on 11/16. We will complete peer review in class that day.