Major Projects Resources

You have a range of options for creating your major projects. I will primarily use free tools in the classroom. You have the option to use whatever tools you want however. For example, if you have PhotoShop and are comfortable with it, you are free to use it. It’s not a requirement however.

In addition to the list of possible software tools you can use, you will find links to related tutorials that you can watch to learn more. Watching or working through some of the tutorials will be required. Others you can watch or work through as needed for your projects.

Editing Images

Hand-drawn image of a cameraComputer Software: Photoshop (web, Mac, Win)

Web-based Software: Google Photo EditorPicMonkeyCanva, FotoFlexorPixlr EditorBeFunky

How-to Resources:

Of Special Interest:


Making Videos

Hand-drawn image of a piece of film with a play buttonSoftware: iMovie (Mac), MovieMaker (Win), Vine (iOS, Android)

Filming & Editing How-to Resources:

Publishing How-to Resources:

Of Special Interest:


Recording Audio

Hand-drawn image of a sound iconSoftware: Audacity (Mac, Win)

How-to Resources:


Making a Webpage and a Website

Hand-drawn image of a web browserSoftware: Atom (Mac, Win), GitHub Pages (web)

Templates: HTML5 Up

Coding How-to Resources:

Design How-to Resources: