Index of Resources

Photo of a sad cat with the caption, I can haz help plz?This is the post for the Wednesday, November 9, 2016 class meeting.

Design Presentations

  • 2:30 Class: Ellen
  • 4:00 Class: Emily

Presenters: remember to add your document to the Design Presentation Assignment in Canvas.

Extra Credit for Read-In Participation

Sign up for and participate in the American Indian and Indigenous Read-In (You may need to login with your VT email). Turn in evidence of your participation in the Extra Credit: American Indian & Indigenous Read-in assignment in Canvas.

Design Choices Matter

As you work on your projects, review the Ten Design Tips on the website. Everything that you have been noticing about things like contrast, use of space, and color choices in your Design Journals applies to your website and videos as well.

Think about things like contrast and space in audio recordings too. You need to ensure that there is enough contrast between background sounds and the main content, for example. In terms of space, consider your use of silence and sounds in the foreground and background as you work.

Where to Find Help

If you need to Go here for help
Add images to your webpages Slide 12-13 of Adding to GitHub Pages Slides
Add the Target Attribute (fix where links open) HTML/CSS Help Slides
Change the colors of the text on your website Get the color names at CSS Colors
Embed a SoundCloud audio recording Slide 16 of Adding to GitHub Pages Slides
Embed a YouTube video Slide 15 of Adding to GitHub Pages Slides
Find help for Atom Learn Atom: The Basics on
Find help for Audacity (audio recordings) Major Project Resources
Find help for editing images Major Project Resources
Find help for making videos Major Project Resources
Learn about absolute vs. relative links (when links don’t work) HTML/CSS Help Slides
Log into VT.EDU Login
Set up Github Desktop or Atom Beginning HTML Slides
Set up a template for your website GitHub Pages and Templates Slides
Set up your site Setting Up GitHub Pages Slides
Sign up for Github Beginning HTML Slides
Turn in or FreeCodeCamp info certificates & FreeCodeCamp Profiles
Use special characters (like ¥ or π) Slide 17 of Adding to GitHub Pages Slides
Work on storyboards and mockups Mockups and Storyboards page
Write your script Script Resources

Working with Your Writing Group

Work as usual in your groups. For today’s class, use the 11/9 Work Summary in Canvas. Please use details and specifics in your summary.

Not Very Helpful Summary: "Everyone was here and we talked about our projects."

Much Better Summary: "Everyone was here. Randy Orton talked about his video on snakes as role models. He’s gathered a lot of still images, but he still needs to finish up the script. He had some questions for the group on how to build interest without boring everyone. Dolph Ziggler had a lot of stuff that he wanted to show off, but for the sake of time, we had him share only his audio recording, which he wanted some advice on. Finally, we tried to build some consensus about the characteristics of a good website. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have different opinions, but at the end of our meeting, we all felt like our projects were heading towards good characteristics."

Homework & Reviewing the Calendar

Day Date What’s Due?
W Nov 9  
F Nov 11 All certificates & FreeCodeCamp Profiles are due.
M Nov 14 DJ #12 (the last one) due. End of grace period for DJ #11.
W Nov 16 Share drafts of your work in class with your group.
F Nov 18
TH Nov 24 TurkeyThanksgiving!!!turkey
M Nov 28 Share drafts of your work in class with your group.
TU Nov 29 End of grace period for DJ #12.
W Nov 30 Major Projects due.
W Dec 7 End of the grace period for Major Projects.
W Dec 14 Final Exam due by 7 PM.