Templates for GitHub Pages

This is the post for the Monday, October 31, 2016 class meeting.

Sad white cat with witch's hat, with the caption, Forgot to spell checkDesign Presentations

  • 2:30 Class: Kathryn and Nicholas
  • 4:00 Class: none scheduled

Presenters: remember to add your document to the Design Presentation Assignment in Canvas.

Using Templates with GitHub Pages

You can use a template to set up your website. Most templates allow you to make some changes to the look of the pages, like changing the colors. You can make changes by editing the stylesheet file(s), but be sure to have a backup in case something goes wrong. You can add images as well, but be sure to add a credit for the photographer.

We will work through the activities in the GitHub Pages and Templates Slides, and discuss these templates:

Advanced Average Basic



  • For Wednesday, 11/2, you need to

    • Post whatever questions you have in the Questions about Your Website Project Spreadsheet for your class. I’ll use your questions to organize what we go over as a whole class on Wednesday.
    • Be ready to check in and work with your Writing Group.
  • For Monday, 11/7, you need to

    • Complete Design Journal #11.