GitHub Pages

This is the post for the Monday, October 24, 2016 class meeting.

Black cat with Halloween bucketDesign Presentations

Presenters: remember to add your document to the Design Presentation Assignment in Canvas.

Setting Up GitHub Pages

We will work through the activities in the Setting Up GitHub Pages Slides.

If you understand what we are doing and are caught up, please help others in the classroom.


  • For Wednesday, 10/26, you need to

    • Practice editing HTML in Atom and uploading to your site.
    • If you have not completed the FreeCodeCamp tutorial up to “Use RGB to Mix Colors” in the HTML5 and CSS Module, do so.
    • Be ready to check in and work with your Writing Group.
  • For Monday, 10/31, you need to

    • Complete Design Journal #10.
    • Note any questions you have about HTML/CSS.
    • Be ready for Halloween!