Writing Group Session

This is the post for the Wednesday, October 19, 2016 class meeting.

Meme with the question, Cause mischief? Showing kitten reaching toward the answer Yes, rather than noDesign Presentations

Presenters: remember to add your document to the Design Presentation Assignment in Canvas.

Final Exam

You read the assignment for homework. Questions? Concerns? Inexplicable panic attacks?

HTML/CSS Cheat Sheets and Docs

Additional Documentation

Writing Group Activities

For class today, you will begin with your writing groups and work according to the plans that you made last week. You can adjust the guidelines that your group created if necessary.

If your group decides to spend part of your time working independently, you can work on any of the following things:

At the end of the session (yes, you need to stay and work the whole time), post your group’s 10/19 Work Summary. Only one of you needs to post for the group.


  • For Monday, 10/24, you need to

    • Complete Design Journal #9.
    • Work through the FreeCodeCamp tutorial up to “Use RGB to Mix Colors” in the HTML5 and CSS Module.
    • Be ready for an introduction to GitHub Pages in class. Have all the accounts set up and the software installed.
  • For Wednesday, 10/26, you need to

    • Be ready to check in and work with your Writing Group.