Writing Groups

This is the post for the Wednesday, October 12, 2016 class meeting.

Meme of cat at keyboard, with the caption Inspiration? I'll be your mews.Design Presentations

Presenters: remember to add your document to the Design Presentation Assignment in Canvas.

Adding Files to Your Working Project Portfolios

Place all your working documents, drafts, prototypes, and the like in your Working Project Portfolio. It is a private Discussion in Canvas, which only you and I can access. It is set as a graded Discussion so that your posts show in my To-Do list.

Setting Up Writing Groups

Starting today, you will spend most of our class time working in writing groups. Today, your job is to set up the guidelines for your group, and begin sharing and responding to one another.

Post your guidelines in your 10/12 Work Summary in Canvas. Only one of you needs to post for the group. Be sure to post your summary before your group leaves for the day.


  • For Monday, 10/17, in celebration of midterm break, nothing to read or watch. Complete Design Journal #8. We will begin work on webpages and websites in class.

  • For Wednesday, 10/19, you need to complete several things: