Best Audio Characteristics

This is the post for the Monday, October 3, 2016 class meeting.

Sad stormtrooper with the caption, When you forget your game earphonesDesign Presentations

Help me grade your presentation! The day of your presentation, please either embed or link to your design document in the Design Presentation Assignment in Canvas.

Getting Credit for Outside Coursework

Add details on the outside coursework you complete to the “Other” tab of your participation log.

All evidence of your outside coursework is due by November 11. The grace period for adding your evidence ends at 11:59 PM on November 18. You can point to this evidence in your take-home final exam, where you reflect on your participation in the course. Courses
When you get to the end of a course, add the PDF of your completion certificate to the appropriate assignment on Canvas. The details on how to find your certification of completion and save it as a PDF are included on the site.

FreeCodeCamp Modules
When you finish both the Getting Started module and HTML5 and CSS module on the FreeCodeCamp site, submit the link to your FreeCodeCamp profile in Canvas. Your profile shows all the work you completed and the date you completed it. You can look at my profile as an example, but realize that I have completed more courses than you need to.

Analyzing Audio Recordings

Today, we will return to our small groups. Each group will take a link and choose a recording or two to analyze. If you focus on one of the longer recordings, be sure to listen to the beginning and end. Add your notes to the slideshow for your class, and be prepared to introduce your audio clip and present your findings.

Audio Examples

  1. Virginia Tech Huddlecast
  2. A Touch of Tech
  3. In the Loop
  4. Work + Life
  5. Hokie Hero

For more examples you can use as you plan your own audio project, look on NPR site, under the Programs and Podcasts tab.

Slide Shows

Script Resources

You do need to create a script (and later a transcript) for your audio and video projects. You can use whatever kind of scripting works best for you. You will turn in your scripts in Canvas as evidence of your preparation.

WATCH: Outlining vs. Scripting Your Show (2m 15s)

Other Resources


  1. For Wednesday, 10/05, instead of meeting in class, you can work on your projects independently. You can do any of the following:

    • Watch videos.
    • Gather sources and assets (images, sound effects, interviews, etc.).
    • Work on your audio recording.
    • Have a conference on your pitch (or anything else). Sign up and come to my office, Shanks 214.
  2. For Monday, 10/10, read Chapter 6 of Writer/Designer, and complete Design Journal #7. We will talk about mockups and storyboards in class.