In-Class Work Day

This is the post for the Wednesday, September 28, 2016 class meeting.

Dog at computer with the caption, I work hardDesign Presentations

  • 2:30 Class: Maury
  • 4:00 Class: Lisha

Today’s Class Work

Today’s session is about getting work done. Here are the things you can work on:

  • Have your Sources & Assets Plan set up and be ready to show me when I stop by your desk. See the Monday, 9/26 post for more information. Remember I just want to see that you have started and understand. The plan does NOT need to have scores of assets listed.

  • Finish up your Formal Pitch if you have been using the Grace Period so that you can turn it in by 11:59 PM tonight.

  • Create your PowerPoint movie and turn it in to the PowerPoint Movie Practice Discussion.

  • Gather sources and assets for your projects and list them on your plan. You can search for still images, videos, audio, or websites that you can use in your projects or use as reference material as you work on your projects.

  • Write Design Journal #6, which is due on Monday. Read through your classmates’ entries and leave comments or likes for previous entries.

  • Update your Participation Log to reflect the ways you have contributed to the course and put in your best effort. You can list how you worked in class today, taking best advantage of the time, on the Other tab in your log.


  1. The grace period for your formal pitch ends at tonight at 11:59 PM. The submission instructions are at the bottom of the Formal Pitch page.

  2. For Monday, 10/3, watch Up and Running with Audacity (1h 49m on, and complete Design Journal #6. Download and install Audacity (Mac, Win) on your computer as well. We will use it in class. If you want to use an alternate tool, that is fine, but I won’t use it in class.