Still Images and Video

Death by PowerPointThis is the post for the Wednesday, September 21, 2016 class meeting.

Design Presentations

  • 2:30 Class: Justin M.
  • 4:00 Class: Hanna H.

Still Images in Videos

A very simple way to make a video is to create a series of slides in PowerPoint and then save your work as a movie. The example below was made using the PowerPoint technique.

The Basic Process

  1. Create your slides in PowerPoint. Google Slides won’t work.
  2. Add Transitions between your slides and set them to advance automatically (not by clicking).
  3. Insert Audio to add royalty-free or free-to-use background music or your own narration.
  4. Drag the Audio icon off the slide.
  5. Use the Audio Tools -> Playback option to make the recording “play across slides,” and edit any other settings you’d like.
  6. Save the slide show as a movie. The technique you use depends upon your version of PowerPoint.


Create a movie based on a PowerPoint slideshow with five or six free-to-use images, including the one you made last class, and an audio track at Share your movie in the PowerPoint Movie Practice Discussion.

The grace period for this discussion ends next Wednesday, 9/28.

Resources to Help


Work on Formal Pitches

At 3:15 in the 2:30 class and at 4:45 in the 4:00 class, we’ll stop playing with PowerPoint and shift to working on the formal pitches. Those of you who want to work, can work independently. I’ll pair up those of you who want to do peer review and let you read each other’s work.


  1. Your Formal Pitch is due by 11:59 PM today, Wednesday, September 21. The grace period ends at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 28. The submission instructions are at the bottom of the Formal Pitch page.

  2. For Monday, 9/24, read Chapter 4 of Writer/Designer, and complete Design Journal #5 by finding and analyzing a still image (not video or sound).