Audience & Purpose

This is the post for the Monday, September 12, 2016 class meeting.

LOLcat with the caption, Tabby or not tabby? Cat is the question.Class Work for 9/12

1. In Canvas, go to the Calendar and then choose the Scheduler to sign up for your Design Journal presentation time slot. You can check the Canvas documentation if you need help.

2. Use the slideshow if you need to review the concepts from today’s reading.

3. Practice identifying Audience, Purpose, Context, Author, and Genre as a class with these examples:

4. Identify Audience, Purpose, and Project Potential in small groups:

  • Return to small groups.
  • Have one person in your group email me ( the names of your group members, so that I can set up groups in Canvas.
  • Review the Design Journal Entries for everyone in your group. If someone is using the grace period, skip that person obviously.
  • Choose an entry that your group will share with the class
  • Identify the Audience and Purpose, using these questions from the textbook:
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • Who might be the secondary audience(s)?
    • What values or opinions do the primary and secondary audiences hold? Does the author appeal to these values or opinions in any way?
    • What do you consider to be the overall intention for the text? What leads you to this conclusion?
    • Might there be one or more secondary intentions? Why do you think so?
  • Brainstorm some ways you might use the same kind of text in a major project for the course.
  • Involve all members of your group in some way, and be ready to present by 3:15 in the 2:30 class or by 4:45 in the 4:00 class. Aim to use no more than 5 minutes presenting.


  1. Read Chapter 3 of Writer/Designer and the Presentation FAQ page for Wednesday.

  2. Be prepared to talk about your tentative plans for your course projects. You will share informal pitches with your group. Formal pitches will be due to me next week.

  3. Begin playing with the video recording options available to you. You will need to have some video footage to play with in class next week. Your footage can be anything that is appropriate for the classroom. It doesn’t have to be on the topic for your project.

  4. If you want to get ahead, watch Up and Running with Online Social Video (49m 28s) on (free with your VT.EDU login). If you have trouble, go to the Virginia Tech login page first.